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Additional Information

Zone Map

Arrowpoint Corporation is authorized to provide services through Seaport-e in Zones 2 and 6.


Team Members


Task Order List


Quality Assurance (QA)

Arrowpoint has a complete set of procedures, templates, and forms for compliance with all of the Process and Product Quality Assurance practices in CMMI Level 2. The procedures are integrated with their resultant work products in an on-line process deployment system, so that it can be readily verified that the procedures are being followed. Version control and configuration control are provided on all Quality Assurance work products. Templates and forms are provided for the following Process and Product Quality Assurance work products: Process Evaluations, Work Product Evaluations, Quality Concerns, Quality Trends Related to Compliance, and Audits of Work Definition and Stakeholder Involvement.  The system generates all needed QA reports.


Arrowpoint management and technical support for our DoD projects encompass operations of all systems, administering network operations, and database services. Arrowpoint has expert knowledge of the DoD Security Certification and Authorization policies and procedures to perform QA requirements.


Arrowpoint ensures that quality assurance is an integral part of all IT tasks.  We implore sound management practices that are followed from project start and ensure that review of work products, monitoring of applicable performance measures, and contractual requirements are integrated into our approach and monitored throughout the period of performance. To provide continued quality, we continue to seek customer feedback through regular status meetings, interviews, and surveys.


Our quality assurance procedures and methods focus on process and product reviews and to ensure team activities and deliverables comply with applicable requirements, processes, standards, and procedures. These reviews will provide assurance to the program that our quality practices are being correctly followed across all tasks. Our approach ensures quality performance by providing independent feedback and information about established processes and their effectiveness.


Arrowpoint’s approach to Quality Control (QC) / Quality Assurance (QA) leverages Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) Level 3 principles to develop and implement Arrowpoint’s Quality Control Plan (QCP).


General Information